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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani condemned the continued crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza with the support of the United States, stating that the regime is attacking hospitals with missiles and other weapons.
Improving Iran-Egypt ties in interest of 2 countries, Islamic world: Kanaani
News base - re-election analysis - Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani said, “Naser Kanaani stated that the Zionist regime has besieged and bombed hospitals in Gaza and is committing these crimes with the cooperation of the United States and some other Western countries, including the UK, Germany, France, etc., and these countries should be held accountable for these crimes,”
Demonstrating images of attacks by the Zionist regime on hospitals in Gaza at the meeting, Kanaani noted, “We hope that the countries that have prevented the cessation of war and crimes by the Zionist regime in Gaza will allow the United Nations Security Council to fulfill its duty to establish peace”.

Regarding the delivery humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, the spokesman said, “We have had multiple negotiations with Islamic countries, including Egypt. In this regard, foreign ministers of Iran and Egypt have already held three rounds of phone conversations”.

Pointing to the recent meeting between the presidents of Iran and Egypt held in Riyadh, Kanaani said, “One of the main axes of this meeting was providing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and reopening the Rafah border crossing”.

Elaborating on Iran's diplomatic efforts regarding the developments in the occupied territories and crimes against the people of Gaza and Palestine, he noted, “Good activities have also been carried out in the field of public diplomacy”.

Kanaani emphasized, “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the only solution to the Palestinian crisis is the formation of a unified Palestinian government from the river to the sea”.

“In this regard, a political solution has also been presented by Iran and has been registered with the United Nations, which is to hold a comprehensive referendum of all real Palestinian citizens inside and outside, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews,” he went on to say.

Stating that Iran's political and moral support for the Palestinian resistance movement is not a secret, Kanaani said, “We consider resistance against the Zionist regime and occupation legitimate”.

“The resistance movement in Palestine has enough military power to resist the Zionist regime and has demonstrated this capability at various times,” he added.

Regarding the recent meeting between the presidents of Iran and Egypt in Riyadh, Kanaani said , “The meeting was an important event in the political relations between the two countries that received global attention”.

“In this meeting, great discussions were held on the issue of Palestine, the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, and some other regional issues,” he added.
“The improvement of relations between Iran and Egypt is in the interest of both countries and the Islamic world,” the spokesman stressed.
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